July 9, 2011

Photo du Jour - South of France Color

Old Door

Another day, another door. Great color, don't you think?

Submitted to Your Sunday Best, a weekly event hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal.

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Cowgirl Chef said...

I love that color, and I love old doors, too -- especially the blues and greens, and the older and more rustic/chipped the paint, the better.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a stunning photo of but one shade of the vibrant palette of southern France... beautifully composed with soft lighting.


Mlle Paradis said...

great color. love how it's ok to paint doors windows and gates colors like that in france.

p.s. is that a new banner or is it just one that continues to bowl me over? love it!

Olga said...

Absolutely wonderful!

helen tilston said...

Thank you for the delightful picture.
A wonderful colour which looks even more spectacular beneath a French sky.

Wishing you a restful Sunday

aimee said...

One of my all time favorite colors! Tres jolie.

Anonymous said...

it really IS a great color WoW =)

tw3 said...

Just watched 'The Devil wears Prada' last night: that colour featured :-)as being supremely fashionable one year.

Pradeepa said...

Beautiful photo and a great color.

La Principessa Errante said...

Really stunning, such fabulous light, and wonderful old doors.

missing moments said...

Great composition and colors! New follower and look forward to more!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

That turquoise color is stunning against the gray. Wonderful shot. :)

Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best today. I truly appreciate it!

Carola Bartz said...

Absolutely gorgeous color! I love this photo.

April's Homemaking said...

Wonderful picture, love the color, great door!!

Henrietta said...

I so love south European doors, they are always so colorful:)

Pat said...

Lovely composition and color!

Chez Loulou said...

Cowgirl Chef
Me too! Love it when there's a lot of texture.

Thanks! I've been having fun with my photo editing software.

Mlle Paradis
It is a new banner. Glad you like it!


Chez Loulou said...

You're welcome and thank you. :)

Me too. I might have to repaint our shutters...

A typical Languedoc color, too. One of my favorite things about this region is how colorful it is.

I love that movie!

Chez Loulou said...

Thanks and thank you for stopping by to comment.

La Principessa
I love old doors! When I drive through neighboring villages I'm always on the lookout for old wood doors, old painted doors, old rusty doors...

missing moments
Welcome! I'm enjoying your blog and love your use of color. Inspiring!

You've created a wonderful event. Thank you.

Chez Loulou said...

Merci! Glad you like it.

Thank you. I found it pretty irresistible when I was walking by.

So true! I really noticed the difference when we visited the Loire and Normandy last year. The pale colors of the doors and shutters of the Loire were really beautiful too.

Thanks so much!