July 6, 2011

La Fête du Fromage - Le Braîsot Charentais

Braîsot Charentais

At first bite, this demi-sec version of Le Braîsot Charentais tastes soft and mild. A minute later the flavor starts to intensify and you think, "ah...not so mellow after all."

Then suddenly, wham! Your taste buds are hit by the rich, intense flavors of this cheese. Le Braîsot Charentais is surprisingly strong.
And totally delicious.

Its aroma is strong too - that typical, earthy, barnyard fragrance that often accompanies a serious goat's cheese. It has a dense, chewy texture and its flavor has hints of citrus and spice and is very, very goaty.

Le Braîsot Charentais is a chève lovers dream.

Braîsot Charentais

It paired well with our local Minervois red, though next time I would like to try it with some white wine from the Loire.

We have the Fromagerie Jousseaume in the Poitou-Charentes to thank for this fabulous fromage de chèvre. Two more of their creations:  la Taupinière and Briquette de l'Angoumois.

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