May 16, 2011

Inspiration From A French Market

Marseille Market

French markets inspire! How can they not?

Walking through our local market, I can't help but be seduced by the juicy berries, the snappy green beans, the tender lettuce, the shiny eggplant.

Each season has its highlights, which require only a minimal amount of effort in the kitchen, so planning a menu is easy. Simply purchase the freshest fruit and vegetables and mix and match with eggs, meat, cheese, more fruit, more vegetables, whatever you're craving.

Right now the stalls are piled high with asparagus, strawberries, radishes, artichokes, spring onions and spring garlic.
Here are a few recipes to tempt you.


- baked asparagus risotto
- barely cooked asparagus with lemon-mustard vinaigrette
- ham and asparagus quiche

Ail Nouveau du Tarn

spring garlic and spring onions
- scallion (green or spring onion) pancakes with ginger dipping sauce
- savory cheese and scallion scones
- cumin scented summer bean salad

Radishes at the Carcassonne Market

radishes with curly-q roots
- radishes with fresh butter and fleur de sel
- quick radish pickles
- sautéed chicken and radishes with mustard and tarragon

Artichokes at the Market

bundles of artichokes - small purple ones or big green globes
- braised artichokes with ham and green garlic
- roasted whole artichokes
- artichauts à la barigoule

Summer Strawberries

baskets of ruby strawberries
- strawberry clafoutis
- strawberry frozen yogurt
- fraises au vin rouge Pin It


Kiff Backhouse said...

Mmmmm ... mouth-watering!!!

Aidan said...

great recipes. irresistible.

Jean said...

Great photos. French markets are such a treat for the senses.

J.N. Urbanski said...

I miss Europe so much! The food was incredible, so much fresher and tastier than the food in the US. Can't see any corn on those stands..

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I have long admired the produce in the French markets and really love the radishes with butter and fleur de sel (plus baguette, s'il te plâit). The asparagus in their simplest form are divine!

Merci for the recipes!


Murissa said...

Lovely post! gets me excited for all the fresh produce that come with spring and summer.
Cherries, garlic, apples and asparagus! Yum

The Wanderfull Traveler

SE said...

These photos are inspiring- I can't wait to try some recipes.

The produce... I don't remember ever seeing such beautiful produce anywhere in the states. So why do you think theirs is so much better? I know, I'm sure books have been written about this. But what's your take on it?

celine's Cuisine said...

Merci pour les belles photos ! AH la Belle France, I miss my country. Great blog, pictures and recipes.

Jennifer said...

Merci! I'm trying to eat as much asparagus as possible...while I still can.

Glad you liked the recipes. Thanks!

They are, aren't they? I love the marché.

No, no corn. The French don't really eat corn, so I never see it at the markets. Sometimes I find it at a supermarket for about 1€ an ear. We enjoy it about once a year.

Jennifer said...

A snack of radishes with salt, butter and a baguette is one of the best things. Ever!
Glad you enjoyed the recipes.

We bought our first cherries today! Can't wait for melons, apricots and peaches.

Most of the produce we buy doesn't travel very far, so when you buy it, it is ripe and ready to eat. I think that makes a huge difference in flavor. But it also means that we must shop more often for fresh produce.

Merci! I'm glad you found my blog and can't wait to read yours. :)

Joyti said...

Hmm, everything looks SO delicious. And what great recipe ideas :)

Emm said...

Oh, heaven, such glorious veggies. Our local farmers' market is just getting started in a warm state. So far, mostly lettuce and onions. And, last week, some white-tipped radishes with zing. Said to the seller, "Ah, French-style: salt and butter and bread and wine." We both laughed happily.
I love European food, both for freshness and for lack of indutrialization in production methods.

helen tilston said...

The market is most tempting. Like your readers said we do not get the quality nor the freshness in North America. Love your recipes too.
Thanks for sharing

Betty Carlson said...

What lovely ideas! I have actually never cooked a radish...that's something I'll have to try. I don't buy that many because I tire of the "radis-beurre" combo (even if it's good.)

Virginia said...

I want some of everything! I love the fresh asparagus and have learned the French way to eat radishes..avec beurre! French street markets are just the best.

Michel said...

Great pictures of beautiful spring veggies. A trip to a good French market or one of the growing number of good ones in Northern California always drives me to the kitchen to cook up a storm. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Hope you try 1 or 2.

I like the radish sellers response!

I used to go to a little farmer's market in New Orleans that had wonderful produce, seafood and baked goods. I couldn't get everything I needed there, but it was all grown/caught/baked within 100 miles, so I loved supporting it.
Maybe you have something like this close to where you live to get a little taste of a European market?

I love the radish/beurre combo, but probably only eat it once or twice a year. Let me know if you try the radish pickles. I haven't tried them yet, but I love the look of that recipe.

They are an integral part of life here and I hope that never changes.

I went to a little market in Aptos, CA with my sister a couple of years ago (she lives in that area) and was blown away by the variety of gorgeous fruit and vegetables available.

Sharon T said...

Such gorgeous photos! We finally have fresh (semi)local asparagus here and I've been cooking with it constantly. I work tonight, but quiche is on the menu for tomorrow night!

katy said...

Being webmaster for the Stonington Farmers Market (the biggest and best market in Maine) I am constantly amazed by market pics from around the world. Look at the size of those asparaguy!;-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, thank you for the radish recipes - I just go back to the butter and salt thing over and over. :)

Jennifer said...

Asparagus quiche, one of my favorites! Early in the season our asparagus comes from Spain, but since that is only 1 hour away, I consider it "local." :)

Thanks for stopping by to comment!
We enjoy asparagus in all sizes here, and it even grows wild.
I love seeing photos of markets around the world too. A blogger just started a market photo pool. You should have a look:

Isn't that such a simple, so delicious thing? I always forget how much I love it and then spring rolls around and reminds me.

Ann said...

I can't wait to try the radish sauté!

Jennifer said...

Please let me know how you like it!