April 24, 2011

Weekend Links

Épicerie du Marché aux Herbes

What can I say, other than mille mercis!

Acacia flowers are in full bloom all over the village. Time to make some fritters.

The serene beauty of Paris by night

Worried about committing a faux pas the next time you come face to face with a cheese board? These illustrations will help.

Cute and cuter

I've avoided making puff pastry for years. Lucy may have just convinced me to give it another go.

Yet another internet addiction to keep under control. Pin It


Andi said...

Don't say I didn't warn you...Pinterest is a daily obsession with me now. It is a total stress reliever...all those beautiful photos!

Jennifer said...

I'm so grateful that you sent me the invitation! It is a wonderful site and I can see that it will be a stress reliever. Merci Andi!

Virginia said...

I just found your blog. Oh goodie, another blog addiction pour moi! I'm off to see Cheese Boards 101. I'm always a little uneasy! :)

Betty Carlson said...

That is a wonderful photo of a place that is a great memory for me -- one of the many things I haven't had time to blog about!

Maybe you could send me a Pinterest invitation? I feel like a need a new boost in my SN life...

Bonne soirée!

Jennifer said...

Welcome! I've seen your blog but never commented. Your photos are inspiring!
Hope the cheese tutorial helps. If you need some new cheeses to try, check out my french cheese list: http://chezlouloufrance.blogspot.com/p/list-of-french-cheese.html

I waited for Wordless Wednesday to pass before I posted this photo, thinking that you might post it as well. :)
Have sent you a pinterest invite. I think you'll enjoy it!

Emm said...

I just found your link to the Gluten-free Goddess blog. Mille mercis.

SharonT said...

I love the cheese board sketches! Not only are they informative, but I'd like copies to hang in my kitchen :)

Jennifer said...

Welcome and thank you for commenting! :)

They would make a great series to frame and hang! What a great idea. You should ask the magazine if they sell them or if copies are available.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to get back into the kitchen. And your banner has inspired me to stop roadside to gather fragrant wisteria that has decided to exhuberently explode across the southern landscape this spring. Can't wait to come back to visit when I'm not dashing off to work ~ xox Alexandra

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I have "lurked" on your blog since before I even knew about blogs. I traveled through all the challenges of living in France, the cheeses, and the beauty of your area.

Thanks for commenting on my blog... I feel that I have known you forever. Well, you and your cheeses!


Murissa said...

I love Le Flaneur web link to you tube!
Great site! Look forward to reading your blog!
I too just found it and after looking for a good english blog situated in France, you are right up my alley!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Anonymous said...

I know..heavy sigh. Only willowy thing about me...my arms. Hope you've had a lovely Tuesday and a lovely...Mercredi...n'cest pas? I'm learning my tapes during my commute...xox Alexandra

Jennifer said...

Always good to stop and smell (or gather) the roses...or wisteria...or whatever looks irresistible!

Thank you.
I'm really enjoying seeing Paris through your eyes. She is an enchanting subject, isn't she?

I think that video of Paris is just magical! :)
Your blog focuses on three things I love - food, art and travel. I'll definitely be stopping by to read more about your wanderings!

Learning French must be a great way to pass the time on your commute. Today (mercredi) we are heading to a friend's house for lunch and then running lots of errands. Hope you have a great day!