April 27, 2011

The Markets of France

Spicy Olives

Asparagus and New Garlic

When you travel to France, in order to get the most complete, quintessential French experience, you must spend a morning at le marché.
If you're staying in a big city, your hotel or holiday rental should have a list of all the neighborhood markets, but if your vacation takes you out into rural France, finding a comprehensive list of regional markets isn't always easy.
Until now.

I came across this brilliant website over the weekend: Marchés de France.
Just click on your region and it brings up a list of each market town, including the day and the time of the market, the number of stallholders and what products are available.
(Just remember to turn down your speakers before you click on the link. The music isn't bad, but it is loud!)

French Cheese

Some Market Hints and Tips:
  • Get there early for the best selection, especially in the summertime
  • Talk to the vendors and don't be afraid to ask questions
  • Taste the samples that are offered
  • Take small bills 
  • Bring along your panier, even if you go with the intention of "just looking." Believe me, you will find something you want to buy - think of those irresistible, ripe melons and peaches, or locally grown olives marinated in garlic and thyme, and all the varieties of French cheese...
  • Enjoy yourself!

Olonzac Market

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