April 16, 2011

La Fête du Fromage - Le Trois-Cornes d'Aunis

Trois Cornes d'Aunis

Le Trois-Cornes d'Aunis is incroyable!

Imagine a soft, velvety triangle of whipped cream textured unpasteurized fromage de brebis. Its flavor is a perfectly balanced mix of fresh milk, rich meatiness, fragrant meadows and a  bit of salt. Wrap it all up in a thin, slightly tangy tasting rind and you've got yourself one heck of a delicious cheese.

Need I say more?

Trois Cornes d'Aunis

Enjoy with a dry, fruity white wine or a fruity red.

Aunis:  ancient province of western France, corresponding to the northern part of the modern département of Charente-Maritime with the southern part of Deux-Sèvres. Subjected, from the 10th century on, to the counts of Poitiers, Aunis shared the political fortunes of neighbouring Poitou. In the pre-Revolutionary period it constituted, together with the islands of Ré and Oléron, a military gouvernement with headquarters at La Rochelle. (from the Encyclopedia Britannica)

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