February 9, 2011

Where to Buy Cheese in Paris

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois

I'm really not trying to show favoritism, but after spending a week at the award winning Fromagerie Laurent Dubois in Paris in December, getting to know the owners, staff and incredible array of mouth-watering cheeses while working both in the front of house and down in the caves d'affinage, I feel like I should have an opinion about the place.

And I can tell you in all honesty that Monsieur and Madame Dubois and the staff at both of their shops are incredibly passionate and quite happy to share their knowledge with you, whether it be helping you to select a small wedge of perfectly aged Comté to enjoy on your own, or by putting together an entire cheese board for you to share with your guests.

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois

La Fromagerie Laurent Dubois has three locations: one in the 15th arrondissement (their original shop), one in the 5th and a new shop in the 4th, opened in October 2013.

They offer almost the same selection, but the ambiance of the two older shops is considerably different. The shop in the 15th has the feel of a local, neighborhood place, while the one in the 5th on the Boulevard Saint-Germain caters more toward tourists.
I haven't had a chance to visit the new shop in the Marais yet.

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois
2 rue de Lourmel
75015 PARIS
Métro: Dupleix

47ter Boulevard Saint-Germain
75005 PARIS
Métro: Maubert-Mutualité

And a new shop in the Marais (Oct 2013)!
97-99 rue Saint Antoine
75004 PARIS
Métro: Saint-Paul

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois

Please do not be intimidated by the Fromageries in Paris.
In general, the staff love to share their passion for the product and most of them speak English. They will be happy to help you.
I also found that they really appreciated when cheese loving foreigners came in and wanted to try something new!

In addition to la Fromagerie Laurent Dubois, there are a few other cheese shops in Paris that I highly recommend:

Fromagerie Chez Virginie
54 rue Damrémont
75018 PARIS
Métro :  Guy Môquet

Marie-Anne Cantin
12, rue Champs de Mars
75007 PARIS
Métro : École-Militaire

Fromagerie Androuet
various locations

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Diane said...

Noted for when we next go to Paris, thsnks. Diane

Curry Made said...

We went to Chez Virginie for the first time last Saturday. We bought too much cheese, including our first epoisses. We've also tried several delicious cheeses from Laurent Dubois. I've walked by Marie-Anne Cantin but haven't tried anything from there yet.

We've been in Paris four months now and I'm happy to see that we're on the right track! Many thanks for your recommendations.

Unknown said...

I love Barthelemy (sorry, no accents on my US keyboard)in the 7th too. Tiny little shop. But they have every cheese you can think of ;-)
Have you been?

l.a. said...

great recs. i will use this list quand je suis en paris en printemps. merci beaucoup!

The Field of Gold said...

This just makes me hungry. But that cheese is so good to think about.

Jennifer said...

You are very welcome! Hope you get there soon.

You're definitely on the right track! What did you think of époisses?
I envy you having so many Fromageries nearby. We live in a small village so my cheese shopping is somewhat limited. I can get a few cheeses at the local markets but if I want a larger selection I have to drive to one of the the big towns.
Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, I was there once and will make a note to go back next time I'm in Paris. Thanks for the reminder!

Je vous en prie! Let me know how your cheese tasting goes and have a great trip.

Working in a place surrounded by all that delicious cheese was an amazing experience!

The Mistress of Spices said...

Thanks for the tip! I work in the 15th, not too far from Dupleix, so I'll definitely have to check this place out. Too bad my husband hates cheese...can you imagine!?

The Beaver said...

Merci Loulou

Will make it a point to visit them next June when we are there. Hubby will have to watch his weight when he gets back . May be we will sneak a couple in the luggage :-)

Mardi Michels said...

Noted for July! I am also a fan of Barthélemy in the 7th and one in the rue Montorgueil (my old 'hood) which is I think just called La Fromagerie Montorgueil. I was intimidated for a while to go in there but they are super friendly and really love to help you out!

Jennifer said...

Mistress of Spices
Perfect! You'll have to go!
Avoid Saturdays unless you want to wait in line forever. They have a great selection and some fabulous Comté.
And no, I can't imagine being married to someone who doesn't like cheese. Quelle horreur!

It is a must for cheese lovers! Hope you have a great time on your trip.

There's another little place on the rue Cler, called Fromagerie Cler, which is very nice.
I've made a note of the one on rue Montorgueil for next time. Thanks!

Ann said...

This is the second recommendation I've had for DuBois this week! That comté sounds incredible. Can't wait to try this place -- and the branch in the 5e is just down the street from Pâtes Vivantes.

Jennifer said...

Hope you find it as amazing as I did! Who was the second recommendation from?

Paola Westbeek said...

I've really been enjoying your Paris posts. We might head there this spring- can't wait!

Ann said...

Actually, it was from Patricia Wells! She was RAVING about the place.

Jennifer said...

Spring is a wonderful time to go. Hope you have a great time, with lots of cheese.

Wow! I wish she had come in when I was working that week. Would have loved to have met her.

Unknown said...

Hi I found your list through David Leibovitz; thank you for compiling. I leave for Paris tomorrow, can you recommend a cheese shop offering Vegan selections for my sweet husband who is very lactose intolerant?