January 8, 2011

Through My Lens

Marseille Colors

Along the Canal du Midi

I try to take pictures every day so I always carry my camera with me. 
Believe me, I am no professional.  But I know that I like to have it around when something captures my attention.

I'm attracted to painted shutters and doors, watching the vineyards change through the seasons, vivid colors, city street scenes, reflections on water, French cafés and outdoor markets, rusty metal and simplicity.

My camera is a Panasonic DMC-TZ5.  It's a compact and versatile point and shoot.


Cognac Cheese Platter

Paris Café Corner


january evening shadows


Toulouse Café Lights

Faded Green

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Diane said...

What a great bunch of photos, love them all. Diane

gee Backhouse said...

Enchanting images - you have an eye for it, clearly.

The Chef In My Head said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing! ~Leslie

Alissa said...

Again, such lovely photos! I always enjoy hitting the "share" button so my friends can see France through your lens. :)

Betty Carlson said...

Nice collection of your photos! I haven't been taking many lately, but want to get back into that. You have inspired me (actually I took three in Rodez today, we actually had some nice weather!)

Ann said...

Gorgeous! They evoke France beautifully but love the cat drawings most of all.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them.

That is a very nice compliment. I appreciate it! Merci Gee!

Happy to hear that you enjoyed them and thank you for taking the time to comment. :)

Merci beaucoup! And thank you for sharing with your friends.

I love seeing Aveyron through your eyes. Take more!

I love that cat graffiti too. I stumbled across it in le Panier neighborhood in Marseille. My favorite is the interior of the café. I love the colors and the atmosphere.

Forest said...

lovely photos!

I like to take my camera with me all the time too - you just never know when you'll see something you want to photograph. (admittedly, I'm by no means a professional - just makes me comfortable to always have it in my bag!)

Aidan said...

I especially love the plane trees reflected in the river. There's something so grand yet rural about them. Wonderful post.

Jamie said...

What beautiful photos! I need to spend some time with you because France is so lovely through your eyes... I think I have grown so cynical that I need to experience a bit of this country with someone who is still in love with it. Perfect post!

Andi said...

I am taking more and more photos these days and when I look back I find that I too take a lot of photos of doors, walls and windows. I love food photos, but I make a terrible food blogger as I always start eating before I remember to take a photo!

Love your photos, always have, they are beautiful.

Jenny P said...

Yes, we love the French shutters too. We were constantly jumping off our bicycles in the Dordogne to take another photo of the jewel coloured shutters.

Jennifer said...

If I leave the house without my camera I feel like something's missing.
It's funny that I feel that way now. Taking the camera out used to be a rare event.

Thank you. I love the Canal and the trees along its banks. It is so graceful and peaceful.

Jennifer said...

You don't seem cynical, but living in France isn't always easy. I can definitely sympathize with your feelings.
Come for a visit and maybe you'll get a new perspective! :)

I can hardly be bothered to take photos of food these days, other than cheese of course! I always forget and start eating too.
When I'm walking around the towns and villages and vineyards is when I feel most inspired to take photos.

When I travel with my husband, friends or family I am endlessly making them stop so I can take pictures. They are usually (and thankfully!) very patient.
I love shutters!

Mlle Paradis said...

loved the "apero" photos! so jealous. love the clarity of those pale wines in a glass. they taste just as fresh and clear.

tried the d. greenspan apple cake recipe at your suggestion. YUM! could be a regular thing at our house too.

Jennifer said...

Mlle Paradis
Glad you liked the cake too. And thank you for your kind comment!