January 10, 2011

L'Heure de l'Apéro

Un p'tit verre

Rosé and Mona Lisa

French Riviera

L'heure de l'apéro (the French version of the cocktail hour) is a local tradition that we have happily embraced.  It's an invitation to sit down, relax and whet our appetites before the focal point of the evening; dinner.

Our evening apéro gets under way around 7-7:30 and normally lasts about an hour.  I have a glass of white or rosé wine, or sometimes a kir, and my husband either has a mixed drink or a glass of wine. 
Little bowls of pretzels or olives are served to take the edge off, and when we have friends over we serve something a little more substantial, such as little slices of saucisson, a chunk of pâté and another dish or two.


Champagne and Pomegranate Liqueur in the Sun




apéro time

wine bar

Glass of Wine
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