September 20, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Beaufort d'Été

Beaufort d'Été

There's still a bit of time left to get a hold of Beaufort d'Été, but you better hurry! 
And you'll have to find a Fromagerie that will sell it to you.

The friend who carefully transported this generous slab from the Alps to the Languedoc a couple of weeks ago told us that the Fromagerie where he bought it refuses to sell this seasonal cheese after September 15.
The rules state that Beaufort d'Été must be made from Tarine and Abondance cow's milk produced between June 1 until the end of October, however this particular Fromager thinks the cheese is past its prime after mid September. 
So if you don't care to follow the Fromager's advice, you still have a chance to try it.  And you'll be happy that you did.

Beaufort d'Été is packed full of fruity and zingy yeast flavors, and has a delightful, slightly crumbly, dense texture.  Much less complex, buttery and grassy than a more mature Beaufort, but equally delicious. 

White wines from Burgundy or Beaujolais pair well with this cheese. Pin It


Diane said...

Sure I will never find it here but it looks yummy. Diane

Anonymous said...

I love Beaufort at all times of the year. It's one of my favorite cooking cheeses, especially since I get to nibble on it while I cook! :)

Jennifer said...

You must have access to a Fromagerie somewhere??!! You live in France! :)

Beaufort is one of my favorites. And nibbling is one of the best parts of cooking with it, I agree.

aidan said...

One of the many reasons I love France. They're very serious about the food.

Jennifer said...

I agree!