August 17, 2010


French Windows

Writing is funny. It doesn't always come naturally to me. It doesn't always ebb and flow.  I get hung up on sentence structure and trip over myself trying to write correctly.  I'm trying to get better at ignoring all the rules.

Today I am just trying to get a blog post written. And wishing it were coming a little more easily.

There are some blog writers out there who completely blow my mind with their brilliant stories and the sheer number of intense, heartfelt words they churn out every day. Paragraphs and paragraphs of them.
Every. Day.
Where does it all come from? Aren't their minds ever quiet?

I need more time to contemplate what I want to say and to find the words.  Time to write them, leave them for a bit so I can come back and have a fresh look at them.  Maybe I fuss too much, am too careful.
(Maybe I've become too comfortable with the limitations of 140 characters?)

So instead of writing about French cheese, or the Carte de Résident or about anything tangible, I'm just going to work through this frustrating writing funk by writing about it.

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