August 5, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Tomme de Thônes

I love butter.  Especially the sweet butter from Brittany, the kind with generous amounts of sea salt flakes mixed into it.  Sometimes I think that there's nothing more delicious.
If I wanted to throw caution to the wind (and buy an entirely new wardrobe in a much larger size) I would eat slabs of the stuff every day.

Well, I think I've found something just as delicious as my beloved Brittany butter; Tomme de Thônes, an absolutely heavenly, buttery tasting fromage de vache from the Haute-Savoie.

Tomme de Thônes is a medium strong cheese that offers the luscious flavor combination of rich salty butter, yeast and sweet mountain grasses and flowers.  It is dense, yet quite soft, and melts in your mouth.
Yes, I'm in love.

It paired nicely with a glass of local rosé, but not with our Minervois red.
I think a glass of white from the Savoie would be perfect.

A little something extra:  A short video showing Le Beurre Bordier being produced.  It's much more amusing than it sounds.  I promise!

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