August 2, 2010

France Travel Guide - France Voyage

La Belle France.

It has everything that a traveler could ask for; exquisite food and wine for the gourmet, rugged mountains, stunning river gorges and plenty of wide open spaces for the outdoorsy types, a very happening scene for art and music lovers, miles of coastline for beach bums, and history buffs will think they've died and gone to heaven.
Every corner of l'hexagone offers something unique to explore and experience.  And the fact that the choices are endless can make planning a trip in France seem a bit overwhelming. 

That's where France Voyage comes in.

France Voyage asks you to pick and choose your itineraries based upon your interests; Culture, Architecture, Well-Being, Nature or Leisure Activities.  Other criteria include the length of your stay and the pace at which you want to travel.  A map pops up after you've entered all of your information with links to the towns and sites that they recommended.  Limited restaurant, hotel and holiday rental information is also available and the site is offered in six languages.

I can't remember how or when I stumbled on to this website, but the other day I had a great time checking out various week-long itineraries that start in the Languedoc and end in different cities throughout the country. It also gave me some really good ideas for the trip we're taking up north in October.

So whether you're planning a trip to France, dreaming of a trip to France or just like to do a bit of virtual armchair travel, I think you'll find that France Voyage is a pretty cool website.

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