July 21, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Fromage Pur Chèvre Férmier

This is just the kind of cheese I needed on this hot, sticky summer day.

Fromage Pur Chèvre Férmier is a fresh, unpasteurized goat's cheese produced by a passionate young farmer in Thézan-les-Corbières, about 45 minutes due south of our village.
Les Corbières are a scenic, mountainous region of the Languedoc-Roussillon known for wine, remote villages and Cathar castles.

Over the years I've tasted several different cheeses that have been called chèvre férmier and each one has been totally unique and memorable.  There was the dense Chèvre Férmier from the Haut-Languedoc, the sublime Chèvre Fermier from Roquebrun, the seaweed covered Fromage de Chèvre Férmier from Brittany and the light and nutty Chèvre Férmier from the Pyrénées. 

This chèvre férmier is perfumed with mild almond and slightly sour and refreshing citrus flavors.  It has a velvety smooth, fine texture that melts in your mouth and is just perfect with fresh figs, peaches or grapes.

I would suggest a glass of rosé or a light, fruity red wine to pair with this cheese.

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Anonymous said...

Quelle belle photo, Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Merci aimee!

Emm said...

What is that in your wonderful header photo? A mailbox? A secret safe? Gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

It's a mailbox. I think it's gorgeous too. :)