July 20, 2010

Friday Nights in the Village

A Friday night in our village in the summertime promises many wonderful things;  swallows swooping in the fading light, a small pichet of rosé at the bar and a homemade chorizo, garlic and onion pizza tossed and baked in a van. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I love village pizza vans. Your friday nights sound divine.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Our village in the UK offers none of those, so think we might just have to move villages.

Nadege said...

I am envious!

Anonymous said...

Love the pizza truck! We have one that I know of in Paris, but it's not open at night. :(

Sharon said...

Our Friday nights consist of pizza and rose too, but on our patio in Colorado. Sante!

Anonymous said...

We've got the pizza van but our bistro has closed down and it for sale.
Let's hope someone opens it up again.
Enjoy your village!

Jenny P said...

Having just returned from a fantastic trip to the Dordogne region I'd have to say some of my favourite things about nights in the villages were the long bright evenings, the balmy weather, the lack of flies or mosquitoes and the glaces, particularly the glaces.

Jean said...

The simple things in life are often the best. The pizza van is one aspect of village life that we really enjoy, especially sitting outside the bar with a glass of something waiting for the pizza to be cooked. Total relaxation.

Chez Loulou said...

Thanks for the kind comment. You are an incredible photographer. That smoked cheese looks amazing!

Or you could start one of your own.

You'll have to come to our village next time you're in France and try out our local pizza.

It's the closest and best pizzeria around and I'm glad it only comes once a week, or else I would never want to cook!

Pizza and rosé is a good combo no matter where you are. Santé!

We used to have a little restaurant here as well, but it closed about 8 years ago and has never reopened. I hope someone buys your village bistro soon.

Ah the glaces! One of the best things about summer in France. Today I had a scoop of citron sorbet with a scoop of cassis sorbet. My favorite combination.
Glad you had a good trip!

Friday nights are very relaxing and I love the chance to see our neighbors. It is a very popular event in the village.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

What a wonderful way to spend Friday night. We have a restaurant in out local village which I gather does fantastic pizzas, I still have to try it. Diane

Julie said...

Oh, you have a pizza van too! I can never understand why the whole thing doesn't go up in a bang, with the roaring open fire quite so close to the petrol tank. They do the BEST pizza!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Chez Loulou.. I don't think starting a pizza van would be much fun here.. Just wouldn't have the same atmosphere !

I did forget to mention , we do have a pizza takeaway in the village, but no , not half as good as any I have tried in France..

It's Not You, it's Brie said...

This is the first reference I've seen to the street food vans in France. The charcuterie van I saw in Beaujoulais- amazing!

Chez Loulou said...

We love our Friday nights.
Have you tried your local place yet?

I've never thought of that, but you're right! lol

maybe only in the summertime? :)
Just kidding - guess you'll have to wait and enjoy the pizza the next time you're in a small village in France

We have trucks that come into the village all week. Monday is fruit and vegetables, Tuesday is the chicken guy, Wednesday is the fishmonger and Thursday is the charcuterie truck.
But the pizza guy is the only takeaway food truck that comes here.
I wish we had a taco truck!

emiglia said...

Your village looks just like mine! Only our pizza van comes on Saturdays... I'll miss it so much when I leave. You're lucky to love there year round.

Chez Loulou said...

They do look very similar! Love the look of the cargolade you shared.