July 1, 2010

La Fête du Fromage - Coeur de Joux

Anyone who loves cheese has to appreciate the array of luscious cow's milk cheeses produced in the Franche-Comté.  The farms and fromagères of this region have given us Vacherin du Haut Doubs (often called Mont d'Or), Bleu de Gex, Morbier, Emmental Français and one of the most perfect cheeses ever, Comté.

My newest discovery from this area is Coeur de Joux.

Its two dominant flavors are grass and walnuts, with sweet hints of fruit thrown in to balance everything out.  Coeur de Joux is soft and mild, with a dense, chewy texture that is very similar to its famous cousin, Comté.
This is a truly amiable cheese; there's nothing harsh or smelly or aggressive about it.  If I had to describe Coeur de Joux in one word, it would have to be uncomplicated. 

A good wine match would be Riesling or a soft red from Bordeaux.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love all those cheeses! I'll have to keep an eye out for this one!

Amanda said...

Have you ever counted how many french cheese(s) you have tasted? I never heard of "coeur de Joux". (I so lucky to be able to find "Comte" at Costco).

Diane said...

I love all cheeses, but some certainly some more than others. This sounds like a good one to look out for. Diane

Valerie said...

Your cheese knowledge is amazing but it's your plates that look fab too. Where did you get this one - it's great!

Betty Carlson said...

I have never heard of it, but know I would love it!

Jennifer said...

It's another good one!

Yes there is a list. At the top of my blog, under the header photo, it says "French cheese" - that's it!
You don't have any cheese shops where you live? Fortunately in the States there are great online cheese shops if you really want something.

Yes, this is a good one. Very easy to enjoy. You'll have to let me know what you think when you find it.

Thanks! The plates were a gift from my sister, who bought them in California. They're cute, aren't they?

You would! Definitely.

Grandmere 14 said...

It seems I am a descendent of the Dejoux family. Our family crest seems to be the same from all reports I have received.

Therefore even though it is later in life, I am enjoying getting to know about your area of France. I am fascinated by "coeur de Joux" and am wondering where it might be purchased.

May I put a copy of your picture of it with personal family photos?

Thank you.

Jennifer said...

How wonderful that you're discovering your family history!
Yes, please feel free to put a photo of it with your family photos.
I would be happy to help you find Coeur de Joux, however I don't know where you live.