June 20, 2010

Sunday Lunch in the Haut Languedoc

The unseasonable cold and impressive gusts of wind blowing through the Haut Languedoc meant that lunch on the terrace was impossible.
No matter.
Our friends prepared a gorgeous summery feast today that made us forget all about the weather.  Homemade aïoli, local smoked trout, earthy lentil salad, wine from a co-op in a neighboring village and a cheese course from heaven.
What a perfect day.

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Graham said...

Same problem Saturday night, had to abandon any hopes of dinner for 10 on the terrace. Rain and cooling. Now over 28 hours of gales.

deedee said...

Aïoli with smoked trout...what a great idea!

Paulita said...

Warm weather any one can have. Great food, now that is rare.

Amanda said...

Have you ever had harengs fumes (harengs saur). I love them (once in a while) but can't find them in the US.

Andi said...

That looks like an absolutely perfect meal.

Jennifer said...

It was a dismal weekend, wasn't it? Looks like things are finally changing! Summer (hopefully) is here!

There was also a delicious crème fraîche and chive sauce, but I'm a bit of an aïoli addict, so if it is on the table, I put in on almost everything.

very true!

I'm not a fan, but my husband loves them.
I'm surprised that you can't find them there.

It was! Everything was so fresh and summery.

Diane said...

Wasn't it just a horrible day. With food like that you can forget the weather though. Diane

Half Baked said...

Lovely! hope you get summer soon:)

Jennifer said...

We ignored the weather and focused on the great food and friends.
Nice and sunny and warm predicted for this weekend.

Half Baked
It's here! Finally. :)

Valerie said...

Just catching up on your blog and saw this with your mention of "local smoked trout" - where from??? We may be getting the Sud de France branding and need to find more local products but finding it very hard to find things that available for more than a few weeks. Any other suggestions gratefully accepted too :)

Jennifer said...

It came from a trout "farm" up near Olargues, but I never got the name. Our friends spent 3 weeks at a gîte up there and said it was a fantastic place.
It would be great if you get the Sud de France branding. You might want to check out the Coop Cravirola near Minerve for cheese and meat. http://www.cravirola.com/pages/produits.html Not sure how expensive their prices are though.