April 11, 2010

The Canal du Midi

The 150 mile long Canal du Midi ambles its way across the south of France, linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
Tour boats cruise along at an easygoing 8 knots an hour. Cyclists and trekkers enjoy its scenic tollpaths at a leisurely pace.

It's a place to slow down, take some time out. Have a chilled glass of rosé, a picnic and listen to the birds singing. Nothing moves fast here. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Will be there in June after the TGV from Paris to Narbonne.It's a lovely way to arrive.

felK said...

We'll be there in June, hope the weather's warmer than in Feb!!

Unknown said...

The words "chilled rosé" and "ambles" plus "nothing moves fast here" really drew me in - as if the photos had not done that already.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Sounds like heaven.

Graham said...

The plane trees are still seriously bare in the Herault valley, despite three days of way over 20 deg. C

Jennifer said...

It is a lovely way to arrive in the south. Hope you have a nice trip.

It definitely will be warmer for you, not to worry. :)

You'll have to visit the Minervois and the Canal on one of your trips to France. It is a beautiful region.

It is very tranquil and incredibly picturesque.

Everything seems to be blooming late this year, doesn't it? I was looking at photos from this time last year and it was much more green. I heard there will be little or no apricots as they were killed off in the freeze we had in early March. The rest of the fruit should be fine though.

Sharon said...

How incredibly lovely. I could use some peace and tranquility like that in my life right now. Thanks for the little mental vacation!

Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed your "vacation"!

The Duchess said...

One of our favourite places to walk the dogs in the height of summer is along the shaded canal starting from Capestang. I just have to keep one of my dogs from jumping in because I really wouldn't fancy jumping in after her when she realizes she can't get out!lol

fashion survivor said...

Love it! One of my best memories of France is riding a bike along the canal near Beziers.

Jennifer said...

No, you definitely don't want to have to jump in after her! Yikes!

fashion survivor
We have several friends who have ridden along the Canal from Bordeaux all the way down here to Agde. It looks like a wonderful way to spend a week.