February 4, 2010

The Aptos Farmers Market

Before flying off to Las Vegas for a few days, my sister and I hit the Aptos Farmers Market to check out the late winter offerings.
She wanted to meet some of the local, organic producers and decided this was a good place to start. I, of course, was curious about the local cheese makers.

It was a feast for the eyes! Dark green kale, rainbow chard and all kinds of salad greens. Boxes of juicy, ripe Early Girl tomatoes. A dozen varieties of apples, citrus fruit and berries to die for. Homemade bread and pastries. Oysters and seafood from the Pacific.

All of this under the fragrant shade of the eucalyptus trees with the sound of waves crashing in the distance. Not a bad place to do some Saturday morning shopping if you ask me.

The one letdown...not a single cheese producer in sight.
Luckily the Cheese Shop in Carmel isn't too far away.

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David said...

Love that rainbow chard!

Loulou said...

Me too! And the dinosaur kale. I was drooling over all the greens!

achaplin said...

Wow...beautiful. I'm jealous. They look so scrumptious!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Beautiful market. I love Swiss Chard and grow it in pots here in the summer (but now very well). The only thing better - Carmel! What a gorgeous place.

Loulou said...

Everything looked delicious and the vendors were all very nice as well.

Swiss chard is one of our staples in the winter but I can't find most of the greens available at this market where I live.
Carmel is a wonderful little place! I love that my sister lives so close.

Nadege said...

Is the first photo of the chard and kale for Ken in St Aignan?
Carmel is great; so is Pacific Grove... It's raining today in LA.

vickiemarie said...

Sounds like a lovely time! Enjoy!

Loulou said...

I didn't take the photo for Ken...does he need a photo of Swiss chard? :)

Thanks! California was wonderful and now having a great time in New Orleans.