December 2, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - La Gayrie Brebis

One taste and I knew there was a problem.

It seems nice enough at first, like another yummy unpasteurized ewe's milk cheese.
You take a nibble and kind of enjoy it. You even consider taking another bite.
Then something happens...
the flavor changes...

and becomes virtually inedible.

La Gayrie is like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the French cheese world.

What first hits your tongue are mild hazelnut and mushroom flavors. Then it morphs into spicy, acrid, sharpness that is extremely bizarre. And absolutely awful.

Maybe it was a bad piece?

Fromagerie la Gayrie has been making organic ewe's and cow's milk cheeses in Aveyron for more than twenty years. Their cheeses are carried by the acclaimed Androuet in Paris and the renowned Xavier in Toulouse.

It must have been a bad piece. Quel dommage!

Sorry, no wine recommendation this time. If anyone tries La Gayrie and has a better experience, please let me know. Pin It

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