November 7, 2009


Thank you to my fellow cheese lover, Nathalie! She has presented me with a thought provoking and unexpected award, the Kreativ Blogger Award.

There are, of course, rules: Write seven random/interesting things about me and coerce seven others to share their quirks and secrets with us.
  • I love the group ELO
  • I once had a baby ball python as a pet
  • Aspic freaks me out
  • I think I have a handbag fetish
  • I definitely have a cookbook fetish
  • I hate mayonnaise from a jar
  • Nebbish and quenelle are two of my favorite words.

The seven I've chosen are just a few of the many writers and bloggers out there who I interact with via Twitter and keep up with on my links page. Can't wait to learn a bit more about you!

Kirstin of It's Not You, It's Brie
Peter of Kalofagas
Jamie of Life's a Feast
Sarah of Food Bridge
Nanette the Gourmet Worrier
Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska
Camille of Croque-Camille, who tagged me last time for the Blues. Pin It


Deeba PAB said...

Loved reading more about you...I hate mayo out of a jar too, have a cookbook fetish for sure, and am intrigued by your fave words. Never heard them before, so something new learnt today!

Peter M said...

Thank you so much for the link-luve and Meme!

It's Not You, It's Brie said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for naming me! happy happy! Now I just need to figure out how to play.

Jennifer said...

Isn't mayo from a jar the worst?
Glad you enjoyed learning about some of my quirks.

You're welcome! Looking forward to reading what you share with us.

It's Not You...
So glad that I discovered your blog and hope you join in!

Sarah said...

cookbook addict? I would have never guess :-)I actually like mayo from a jar, I know, I know but eating uncooked eggs freaks me out (a little).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the, a pet python! I have a cookbook fetish, too, if by "fetish" you mean "inability to stop buying, despite overloaded bookshelves." :) The rule here in France is: no buying a new book unelss you're getting it signed. Pierre Hermé will be signing a new chocolate book in the new shoe department at Galeries Lafayette this week, so that's an authorized purchase. The shoes, though...

Jamie said...

Oh now this is thrilling! Thanks so much, love! And I share both of your fetishes: cookbooks and handbags (and add shoes to that, please). Aspic is indeed creepy and I kind like ELO myself! Nebbish is a great word along with plotz, mensch and verklept and conniptions. Actually many Yiddish words are fun! Thanks again!

Jamie said...

@croquecamille: WHAT?? Pierre Herme and shoes together? I'm hopping on the TGV...

Anonymous said...

@Jamie - I know! I can hardly believe my luck to be here for such an event!

Jennifer said...

I have to keep the cookbook addiction in check. We only have so many bookshelves!

I would definitely say that that is an authorized purchase. (And shoes are too - anytime!)

I love conniption and plotz too. Great words!