November 5, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Trou du Cru

Be very, very careful how you pronounce this cheese's name.

I embarrassingly mangled it in front of my friend's kids. Oops. Honestly, I didn't mean to refer to it an asshole when I asked the fromagère for a piece.

I assume that the name Trou du Cru is a play on words, but the pronunciation of the word cru requires a throaty, gargling sound that is difficult for me!

Basically, Trou du Cru is a flavor-packed, mini Époisses.
It looks like a little muffin and I would have happily peeled back that paper wrapper and devoured it in one bite. However, manners dictated that I share it with my hosts, so I managed to control myself.

The edible rind is washed for several weeks in Marc de Bourgogne, infusing this pasteurized, cow's milk cheese with its flavor and creating a very pungent aroma. The flavor is quite strong, but utterly sublime! Salty, creamy and rich, with mild hints of sweet flowers and pastures.

I will happily buy a little morsel of Trou du Cru again. And I will be very careful how I ask for it.

This one pairs nicely with a glass of chilled Chablis. Pin It
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