November 5, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Trou du Cru

Be very, very careful how you pronounce this cheese's name.

I embarrassingly mangled it in front of my friend's kids. Oops. Honestly, I didn't mean to refer to it an asshole when I asked the fromagère for a piece.

I assume that the name Trou du Cru is a play on words, but the pronunciation of the word cru requires a throaty, gargling sound that is difficult for me!

Basically, Trou du Cru is a flavor-packed, mini Époisses.
It looks like a little muffin and I would have happily peeled back that paper wrapper and devoured it in one bite. However, manners dictated that I share it with my hosts, so I managed to control myself.

The edible rind is washed for several weeks in Marc de Bourgogne, infusing this pasteurized, cow's milk cheese with its flavor and creating a very pungent aroma. The flavor is quite strong, but utterly sublime! Salty, creamy and rich, with mild hints of sweet flowers and pastures.

I will happily buy a little morsel of Trou du Cru again. And I will be very careful how I ask for it.

This one pairs nicely with a glass of chilled Chablis. Pin It


colleen/cheese+champagne said...

Oh my, that cheese is just adorable. Wonder if we can get it here in the States since it's pasteurized.

Anonymous said...

Epoisses is one of my very favorite cheeses! I love the mini-me version - will have to try and find that somewhere.

I have a cheese question for you, but I'll just send it by email.

It's Not You, it's Brie said...

Beautiful! It looks like a popover.
And don't you just hate when you accidentally ask your fromagerie for an asshole. I think someone's naming these things with a purpose in mind!

Jennifer said...

I should think so. In addition to being pasteurized, all the booze on its rind is enough to kill any unwanted bacteria! :)

Mine too. It is one of the best!
Got your question and will answer asap.

Yes, I hate that!
I know they named this cheese just to trip up people with bad accents - like me.

deedee said...

ok, your title hooked me on this one :) I'll have to try and find one to taste...and be very careful when asking for it :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a local usage of the word "cru", which I always thought meanr "raw" or "uncooked".

I thought the French referred to "cul" when refrring to the lower neck, or do I need additional French lessons ?

Ken Broadhurst said...

Anonymous, I think you might need some more French lessons, LOL! The neck is le cou, which is pronounced differently from le cul.

Loulou, do you know the famous tongue twister which consists of saying:

Pruneau cuit,
Pruneau cru,
Pruneau cuit,
Pruneau cru

over and over again until the inevitable happens?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,
Dear LouLou,

I used "lower neck" rather than "asshole" as others have used as I thought it more polite, but I was refrering to the nether regions.

OK so its Spanish English but please explain for the ignorant what "cru" has to do with "asshole"

Jennifer said...

poppy fields
If you like Époisses, you'll love it! And yes, be careful...

Yes 'cru' means raw. And Ken helped me out already by giving you the word for 'neck'.
If you ever have questions about French words, Google Translate is very helpful.

Thanks for the help!
Never heard of that tongue twister.

The word 'cru' has nothing to do with asshole. (as far as I know...)
However the French all know the expression trou du cul, so I assumed that naming the cheese Trou du Cru was a joke by the cheesemakers.

Ken Broadhurst said...

In French, that anatomical feature is also called "le trou de balle" -- the bullet hole.

Jennifer said...

You are a wealth of anatomical information! :)

Anonymous said...

I finally tried it today, from a store near Pike Place Market and it was pretty awful. It reminded me of socks and cheese wiz.

Jennifer said...

Oh well, you can't love them all.

Jean-Marie said...

well, another name for Epoisses and smelly cheeses from the North of France is " Puant de ch'nord"
which means "The Stink of the North"...That should settle the matter, and yes Loulou the name is obviously as "trou du cul' can be stinky indeed...