October 4, 2009

Sunday Reading

A little time, a little brine, and you've got yourself some home cured olives.

I love to see our little corner of France through the eyes of others.

Simply making me drool.

I think I need to go redecorate and reorganize my home now. So inspiring!

Such a wicked sense of humor! I love her. And her Letter to Summer is spot on.

The perfect purple scarf.
The perfect purple prune studded and Armagnac infused autumn dessert.

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Betty C. said...

This is a nice concept. I used to write a similar thing for WellFed. I wonder if they're still around -- I think I'll take a look!

Loulou said...

I think WellFed is still around.
I love finding new websites and blogs so try to share some of my finds every couple of weeks or so.

red ticking said...

may i have a piece please?????? this looks heavenly... love your blog... x pam

Loulou said...

Thanks Pam! Yes, you may have a piece. ;)