October 3, 2009

Summer's Final Curtain Call

My summer season as a sous-chef ends tonight. The feeling is bittersweet...

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Graham said...

Do your likes/dislikes from your Jul 04 post still stand. Are you still friends (working for friends can be fraught)? Do you hope to return next year?

Betty C. said...

It sounds like you enjoyed the experience. When in the world can we get together? I think you have some travel plans coming up; I work every day now but that doesn't mean you couldn't come up...bought cheese today at Chez Marie and thought of you!

Nadege said...

I didn't read any blogs while I was in France in July so I just found out you were a sous-chef. It is hard work working in a kitchen.

poppy fields said...

If you do that again next summer, I'm coming to eat in your restaurant.

Loulou said...

Oy! So many questions! :)

I would love to come up. November any good?

Yes, it is hard work. Especially in August when every day is super busy!

poppy fields
I'll let you know!

Valerie & Craig said...

Missing you already! So I guess that means we are all still friends ;-)

Loulou said...

No question! :)
Missing you two also. It feels weird not to see you every day.