July 28, 2009

Photo du Jour - La Terrasse

La petite terrasse.

Passed by this little roadside café in a neighboring village yesterday. Not sure if it's still open or not.
Love the collection of chairs! Pin It


GARRY said...

I think its crying out for a name change


Sandy said...

Yes I agree with Garry!!

HamishWM said...

We have been talking about making this little bar in to an occasional 'Bar a Vin' where visitors can taste the local wines from the village. Unfortunately it is owned by 'La Chasse' and is very seldom used. A group of us from the village will approach the Maire and see what we can do........and I will certainly push for a name change!!

Loulou said...

Garry and Sandy
I think you're right!

I wondered what it was used for. Let me know as soon as I can meet you there for a drink. :)