July 29, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - La Lauze?

It seems that there has been some confusion.

Every summer a local goat's cheese maker shows up at the Olonzac market with their mouth-watering, seasonal offerings. I stopped by their stand last week and in the midst of the pyramides, wheels and crottins I noticed two square shaped cheeses. One I recognized as Fouettard Claquemolle, which I bought from them last July. I asked what the other one was called and the young woman replied, "Fouettard Claquemolle".
I told her that I had bought the other square cheese last summer and the man selling the cheese at the time had called it Fouettard Claquemolle. She insisted that the one I was currently interested in was le vrai Fouettard Claquemolle and the other one, the one we tasted last summer, is called La Lauze.


Whatever they're called, the one thing that these two cheeses have in common is that they are both divine!

Fouttard Claquemolle's inviting aroma is warm and nutty and it has a smooth, soft and chewy pâte that could almost be described as meaty. The flavor is well balanced with mild yeast and salt, earthy mushrooms and just a hint of goatiness, and there is a nice tang and piquancy on the tongue. The combination of the soft texture and lively flavor is truly delicious!

All three of the organic, unpasteurized fromages de chèvre that I've tasted from La Ferme de Roquecave have been amazing. While I have the chance I plan on tasting their entire range of cheeses this summer.

A glass of red wine from the Minervois was a perfect match to Fouettard Claquemolle. Pin It


spacedlaw said...

How can I feel hungry when I've just had lunch? This is wicked.

mimi charmante said...

I am leaving seattle to come to the south of france to celebrate my 40th next year. I think I may need to visit you for a cheese tasting - you seem to be quite the expert!
This looks divine~

Jennifer said...

I'm always hungry for cheese. :)

Sounds like a wonderful 40th birthday trip.
Let me know!

David said...

Loulou, I am scheduled poorly to get to Olanzac before the week of Aug 17. Do you know if the Fouettard Claquemolle will still be at the market that late? Olanzac is close to Cabrespine but timing may be off for me to get this cheese. Is there a way to find these folks at home? Find Roquecave?

Jennifer said...

They should be at the Olonzac market, but I can't promise. If you want to contact the farm directly, their website is: http://www.roquecave.ouvaton.org/
They have gîtes on site so they must be used to welcoming visitors.
Let me know what you decide to do!

David said...

Loulou, thank you. I found a map to Roquecave on their website. It is actually closer to home than Olanzac, although I do love the weekly markets, so might drift down there. One or the other - I loved your description and the photos of the cheese. I NEED it.

Cynthia in the French Alps said...

I love your photos. As for cheese...I live in the French Alps and I have to say that I think this area has the best cheese I've ever tasted. For my 50th birthday last year, my French husband took me to Beaufortain for three days. OH MY GOODNESS! Beaufort cheese is amazing, and half the price there than in Chambery. Thanks for a great blog. Cynthia in Chambery

Jennifer said...

Hope you get to the farm. There is also a lovely summer Sunday morning market in Ferrals les Montagnes, close to the farm.

What a wonderful birthday present!
Yes, the Alps have some amazing cheese. You are lucky to live there!