July 23, 2009

Photo du Jour - Deep in the Heart of France

The beauty of the Languedoc-Roussillon never fails to amaze me. Pin It


mimi charmante said...

Oh, I want to be deep in the heart of France!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! You are living my life!

Nadege said...

My son and I were in your neck of the woods last week. My nephew is a fire captain in Beziers, so we visited that city (les neufs ecluses...) and on our way to see another niece in the Pyrenees, we visited Minerves and went through Olonzac to catch the autoroute. My son laughed at the name of "Homps". Do you think they could plant more grapevines in Herault? It goes hand in hand with the corn they are growing in the Lot region. We had a wonderful trip and the weather was perfect.

parlezvouskiwi said...

Absolutely stunning.

Adriana said...


Graham said...

Seems very green for late July - looks like there's been rain recently.

Loulou said...

I never get tired of looking at the vineyards. Love them!

Glad you like it, thanks!

I can't believe you were just down the road!!!!! We could have had a coffee or something. I'm 5 minutes from Olonzac and Minerve and work in Homps. (it is a funny name)
Glad you had a great time and if you ever come back, you must let me know.

I agree!

Glad you like it. :)

There was a huge thunderstorm last week, but that's all that we've had for a while. This was taken up the hill from our village where the temperature is a tiny bit cooler, maybe that is why there's a difference?

Nadege said...

I will let you know when we are in your area next time; we didn't plan to go that way and I am not the kind who just drops by. We left early from Canet because of the traffic going towards Cap d'Agde; since there was no traffic, we stopped at the "archeologique et musee d'Enserune" then Minerve. In Los Angeles, being in traffic for 2 hours to cover 11 miles is unfortunately a daily routine... so driving in France is a pleasure. The roads are very well built and the directions perfect. Because I was ALWAYS going speed limit, I had to pull over to let people pass us otherwise they would tailgate and this started getting "old".
The beets picture reminds me that I wanted to buy a Peugeot salt and pepper grinder but they were 33 Euros each (clear with silver top). I think I can get them cheaper on sale in the States, otherwise I will get them next time. They are the best ever.
Yesterday I bought the British series of "a year in Provence"; I will help the DVDs when I miss France a bit too much.

emiglia said...

I'm in the Languedoc too! I love it here... it's the most beautiful place in the world. Lovely photo!

Loulou said...

It is a gorgeous region!