July 22, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Brie de Nangis

When I go shopping and want to pick up some cheese to have around the house to nibble on, Brie is not one that I usually go for. I like Brie just fine, but living in the land of hundreds, some say thousands, of varieties of delicious cheese, I tend to go for more something a bit more interesting.

Then I spotted a big wheel of Brie de Nangis on offer at the cheese counter of our little local grocery store.
Hmmm...a Brie I've never seen before. How is that possible?

This is a delectable cheese!
It is lush with the taste of sweet creamy butter, and is packed with rich, but not too rich, mushroom flavors. It has a smooth, luscious texture and a pleasant, chewy mouthfeel that is wonderful with a crispy baguette.

Originally from the town of Nangis in the Seine-et-Marne département (home of Disneyland Paris, the Château de Fountainbleau, Brie de Melun and Brie de Meaux), this unpasteurized cow's milk cheese almost disappeared into obscurity until a lone artisan producer revived its production.

Brie de Nangis is charming and friendly and oh-so-easy to fall in love with.
Please try it. I promise you won't be disappointed!

A glass of fruity Beaujolais or crisp, summery Sauvignon Blanc would pair well with this cheese. Pin It


Sandy said...

sounds yummy!

parlezvouskiwi said...

Mmmmm you officially made my mouth water.

Alissa said...

Yum, that brie looks so, so good!

spacedlaw said...

I know of it because my grand mother used to leave close to Nangis. And yes, when ripe exactly "just so", it is an opinionated cheese that don't mind stinking up your fridge. And the good thing is: With cheese ripe "just so", you HAVE to eat it fast!

Gavin Sherry said...

I like the placement on top of the map. Next time you go to use it and the pages are stuck together you'll know why :)

Adriana said...

I want some! lol

Jennifer said...

It is!

You should be able to find some. They sell a pasteurized version in the States

It's a great one. So glad I found it!

Opinionated is a very good description!

I used an old map because I knew that could be a problem. :)

Try it...you won't be sorry!