June 18, 2009

Photo du Jour - Parisian Music

My sister and I were enchanted by this very talented group of classical string musicians that we stumbled across on our way to the gardens at the Palais-Royal in Paris. Pin It


Jamie said...

Just discovering your blog and think I am falling in love! I am an American living way up here in Nantes. And enjoying the food! Off to discover more now. And Sunday is La Fête de la Musique! (Normally we have a raucous band of youths playing loudly beneath our windows all night :-)

Sandy said...

beautiful photo...

Loulou said...

Bonjour! Glad you've found me and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Loved the post about Ginger and Mary Ann.
Enjoy this weekend's Fête!


Salil said...

Very nice blog. As a fanatic francophile, I will add this to my list of France related blogs that I read daily. We were in Paris a few weeks back and I think the same musicians were playing at Palais Royal, although they were wearing costumes then. Here's a picture: http://bit.ly/tmXkX

Loulou said...

Thanks for commenting!
You were in Paris just before I was. Hope you had a great trip.