May 10, 2009

Sunday Reading

Paris on my mind: Inspiring Parisian shopping and decorating ideas. Mouthwatering Paris restaurant reviews. A new book about the joys (and pitfalls) of living in Paris.

Provence also on my mind, especially after browsing through this enticing site.

Looking for holiday rentals in France to die for? Check out these chic apartments in Paris and gorgeous houses scattered all over the country.
This is the apartment my sister and I are staying in at the end of the month. Looks fabulous, non?

All of the recent showers have brought out the beautiful May flowers.

I'm not the only one telling her Becoming a French Citizen tales. Heather in Paris is sharing her story too.

A treasured birthday gift designed by my Languedoc Lasses and fashioned by a very talented jeweler and a great friend. Pin It
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