May 11, 2009

Photo du Jour - Early Morning

An old village house glowing in the early morning light. Pin It


Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Bonjour. Just stopping by as I found you through the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge. I became nostalgic about my days in Carcassonne while I was in college in '94. I hope to come and visit you here again soon.

Paola said...

Fabulous! It's early morning here too and your photo just transported me to France once again. Thanks. :)

garry said...

This is lovely.

On a morning like that last year my son and i climbed into the grounds of a closed up chateau for him to take photographs in the early morning light.
6 feet wall on the public side - 20 feet on the other.....ouch.

We still laugh about that morning. Him on top of the wall, me tangled in some sort of thorny bush in agony but unable tomove after jumping 20 feet.


Loulou said...

Hi! (I guess I could say bonjour) :)
This area of France is a beautiful place to live and I love hearing from people who know the area. I hope you get the chance to come back soon!
Looking forward to the BBA Challenge.

Thanks! I appreciate all of your nice comments.

Ouch! Sounds like a beautiful/painful morning. But a memorable one!