May 7, 2009

Photo du Jour - Speechless

Every time I walk by this place it renders me speechless.

First, there is the name. Speed Burger.
I know it means that the burgers will be delivered quickly, but the name sounds as if the burgers are made from speed laced beef, giving plenty of extra energy to those who eat them.
Secondly, this place is so incongruous. That garish, bright storefront surrounded by stately old buildings with pretty, flower covered balconies.
Then I have to wonder if the 30+ burgers available are even remotely edible.

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GARRY said...

mmmmmm SPEED BURGER!!!!!!!(drool________________O )

Loulou you don't understand the presuasive powers you have...........

Tell us more! Can you get PROCESSED CHEESE SLICES ON TOP?

Cassis said...

So - it's not a racing car shaped like a Big Mac.

Drool ........ burgers. I've overdosed on salads lately.

Valerie, En Bonne Compagnie said...

Would I order? Only if I had a craving for cow's eyebrows and a chemical overdose for lunch....YUK!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said... I would not order even if starving..and I am really surprised that they were allowed to get away with the disgustingly garish storefront...!!!!!! Why do people let them do these sort of things and ruin what is around.

Betty C. said...

Say it ain't so!

I'm glad we didn't end up going here for lunch!

Dale said...

this is wonderful news - how we miss our WHITE CASTLE fill when in france - like 5 for a buck!!! have to admit we stopped at McD one time while in a hurry to get to Provence in some french town - wasnt bad but we were ashamed we didnt take the time for a civilized lunch in some nice restuarant! Please France do not take on more pathetic American ways!!

parlezvouskiwi said...

No. I would not indulge in a speed burger. Who knows whats in it!

And with the beautiful french cuisine, is there really a niche for this place???

Sandy said...

I heard Narbonne has a new KFC...i hope this isn't going to be the new trend?

Loulou said...

They wouldn't be complete without the processed cheese! :)

No, but it was a good guess.
A burger does sound good. Just not from this place.
Might run to the boucherie this morning and get some haché and make some for lunch.

Cow's eyebrows...hilarious! What a vivid image.
I have no desire to order from them either. Not that I could. Don't think they deliver this far out in the campagne.

Good question. The colors definitely grab your attention - exactly what they were going for.

I wouldn't torture you like that!

Now you have something new to try when you come back to France!

Yes, there is a niche. People are busier and are cooking less.
I know there have been times when I'm out running errands and I just want something quick to eat and don't want to have to sit down for 1+ hours for lunch. I usually grab a quiche at a boulangerie.

A friend got all excited about the KFC in Narbonne and thought we would be too. We were kind of horrified.

Betty C. said...

I just realized there IS an independent burger joint in Rodez -- coincidentally, near one of the high schools. It's not an area I ever go to much, but I'll have to take a picture. It's not as garish as this one, though.

As for McDo's, I don't think it hurts to go occasionally -- Dale, don't feel guilty.

Tag word: worse. So maybe the Narbonne place is worse than McDonald's!

MichieMole said...

Oh my God, who would think France is the haute de gamme, chanel, christian lacroix , yves saint laurent etc.
This should carry a public health warning on the eyes and the belly!
never in a million years would I hand my cash over to this place

Linda said...

Not me. I would think it wouldn't be very tasty after a trip to my home. Pizza is ok delievered but hamburger? I occasionally will stop in at MacDonald's for a burger but at least it's (usually)hot and freshly made there.

croquecamille said...

What I wouldn't have given for a place like this in town when I was 22... Now, though, not so much.

Jennifer said...

We've been to McDo a couple of times in the last 6 years and tried Quick once. McDo wins.

Strange dichotomy, isn't it?

I can't imagine having burgers delivered either. Seems like they would arrive cold and soggy.

When I was at University I'm sure I wouldn't have thought twice about a place like this. No way now!