May 8, 2009

Photo du Jour - Perwinkle Blue

Love these bright red roses against the periwinkle blue.

This is the same house, but I prefer this photo. Pin It


parlezvouskiwi said...

Love the colours here. And the gorgeous windows. Ahhhh. France.

garry said...

Speed Burger 13 comments
Periwinkle Blue - O comments

Ugly -13
Beauty - 0

a perfect example why tabloids sell
by featuring the ugly

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

Very nice!

Jennifer said...

Me too! Would love to paint our house this color but we live too close to the church and need permission to change any colors.

You're right - ugly images irritate and incite comments and beautiful images soothe.


Paola said...

Absolutely stunning! For an art buff like myself, France is a visual candystore!


Loulou said...

You can definitely understand why so many artists took up residence in the south of France. The landscape and the little vignettes like this one are inspirational.