May 2, 2009

French Citizenship - Chapter Too Many To Count

One more year to go.

That was the official word from the amazingly efficient fonctionnaire (if that isn't an oxymoron, I don't know what is) at the sous-préfecture in Béziers.
My dossier has been sent on to the next level for review, to the Minister of the Interior I believe.

So I wait. Patiently.

Thus far the process has caused a bit of stumbling and a hiccup or two, required a train trip, a lot of check writing, and brought the Gendarmes around for a chat.

More than a year has passed since I dropped off my substantial, 50+ page dossier at the Mairie for the first time, only to have it immediately returned due to a disagreement the sous-préfecture had with some dates. It was finally accepted several months later but was then held up by the delay of my Carte de Résident.

Now it is complete. And it is out there. Somewhere. Hopefully not lost under a stack of other dossiers or shoved into the depths of someone's desk drawer.

One more year.
Anyone want to bet that it will take longer than that? I think the odds are pretty good... Pin It
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