April 26, 2009

Rainy Sunday Reading

I can finally put my old Rick Bayless cookbook to use.

Love this idea!

Started making my own yogurt two weeks ago. This article couldn't have been published at a better time.

Overflowing with creativity.

Simple and delicious party nibbles.

Haven't had cheese delivered right to my door yet. (other than when friends come for a visit and bring a basket full) Thinking seriously about trying them out.

Today's rainy view over the vineyards.

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Betty C. said...

Nice post, I took a look at all the links.

The weather is horrendous here today -- it looks positively nice in your vineyards compared to here!


martha said...

I'm glad the vines are getting some rain. They need it at this time. We haven't any rain for weeks and there are growing forest fire fears (Save THAT fast 5 times) especially as it is very windy.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

It might be raining but the views are gorgeous.

Look forward to seeing your recipes ...hope your yogurt tastes good. :-)

parlezvouskiwi said...

Cheese delivered... OoooooOooo. Divine.

croquecamille said...

Love the book website! Sounds much better than leaving my old paperbacks to be ignored on the shelves of Anglophone bars in Paris. :)

Loulou said...

We've had a heck of a dreary spring down here in the south, haven't we? As my neighbor said to me yesterday, after May 1 it will all be better. I hope she's right!

That is one good thing about all of the rain. The vineyards have needed some for several years now.
Hope you get some soon!

The bright green is gorgeous, definitely!

Doesn't that sound wonderful? I must try it.
Love your name...

Their delivery rates are really reasonable too. Glad you like the link.