April 25, 2009

Photo du Jour - La Glycine

Icy purple wisteria creeping up a stone house. Pin It


Sandy said...

tres jolie...

martha said...

Lovely colour commbination

katiez said...

We have a wisteria 'tree'... but it's very pale. I'll post a photo this week. Yours is lovely.

Betty C. said...

Oh, I adore wisteria -- I don't think it grow here.

I'm sort of taking a break from intense online activity until May...which is just around the corner.

Hope all is well!

Nadege said...

My sister has a wisteria surrounding her house in her countryside house (near Rodez). Here in Manhattan Beach a wisteria vine is growing on one of my neighbor's pergola. They are so fragrant and lovely.

Loulou said...

I thought so too. Love wisteria!

They are such a gorgeous shade of purple.

I'll look forward to seeing your photo. This one was taken in a neighboring village, Minerve.

It is in bloom everywhere here right now. Flashes of purple as you walk/drive by.
Have a good break. Hope all is well! See you in May.

I remember seeing houses in L.A. with huge, old wisteria trees that almost covered the entire house. It was so gorgeous when they were in bloom.