March 12, 2009

Photo du Jour - Shopping at the Marché

A quiet Tuesday market in Olonzac.
It looks like arctic winds were blowing by the way everyone was all bundled up in their coats and scarves, but it was actually pretty mild Tuesday morning.

This morning I'm off to taste and judge Minervois wines for the Chai Port Minervois. It is difficult to adjust your palate for wine tasting at 9:30 in the morning, I have to say! Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Don't get carried away and drink it all !! :-)

Hope you get to the beach for Moules Frites!!!!!

spacedlaw said...

9:30 is a tad early indeed. I hope you got up and had a good breakfast early enough to counterweight the impact of alcohol...

Cathy said...

I like this photo, Loulou.

Six weeks from today I'll be in Paris. Hurrah!

Christopher said...

Yummy! I am hungry. Those Chicken Fingers just aren't cutting it.

emirac said...

How lovely to see the market going on through the year although without the hustle & bustle that will no doubt soon arrive. We were in Olonzac this last weekend looking for somewhere to eat with our friends and, having received 2 recommendations from people that we spoke to, we spent a lovely evening at La Citadelle. We were offered free tasters (amuses bouches perhaps?) of small glasses of warm potato & onion soup, chicory leaves filled with chopped salmon, olives in a piquant sauce & something small & battered & tasty that we couldn't identify!! There was a lovely, original menu to choose from -I spied customers at a nearby table having mini foie gras 'burgers' for starters that have to be seen to be beieved. All in all, a really pleasant evening with a friendly & attentive hostess. We will definitely be returning in the not too distant future.

Jennifer said...

A dozen wines to taste that early in the morning...spitting was necessary.
We didn't make it to the coast as the tasting took much longer that expected but will try to go this weekend.

I had toast and yogurt. And I tasted then spat out, which I find really awkward!

Thank you! I like it too.
You must be getting so excited for your trip!

They never do cut it...
come to France and we'll make sure you don't eat chicken fingers!

Thanks for the recommendation! We haven't been to la Citadelle in a couple of years, but I've received a few good reports from there lately.
I enjoy the quiet, off-season markets. In the summer it is just so busy and difficult to get any shopping done.