February 20, 2009

Photo du Jour - Old Paris Porcelain

Old Paris porcelain glowing under lamplight on a side table in my friend's house. Pin It


Alissa said...

So simple and yet so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the U.S. It looks like you're having a grand time. Bacon brittle? I don't even dare try it. You know, bacon laced tidbits are very hot right now. Try to find bacon ice cream, I hear it's wonderful. Again, I don't dare try it for fear of addiction. Please check out my version of la lune (blissfarmantiques.blogspot.com) It's a scroll down but not far. Have fun in N.O. Let the good times roll as they say.

Loulou said...

His house is full of gorgeous things. And he uses them every day.

Yes, Bacon Praline. So good it is scary. :)
I am having a wonderful time, thanks!

andrew1860 said...

We have the same interest I love Old Paris porcelain and the South of France. I have been in this home many times. I love your photo! The end of the carved Empire bed goes well with the Paris porcelain.

Chez Loulou said...

Thanks for your comment. Glad that you enjoy the photo.
This house is a favorite place to take photos - so many quirky vignettes and beautiful objects!