January 17, 2009

The Snarky Guy

Last week I stumbled across a snide, snarky post written by some grouchy English guy who lives in the eastern Languedoc. About me! And with a link to Chez Loulou.
I've never seen this blog before so I don't know anything about the author. But it does appear that he was born with a major chip on his shoulder.

His words are just so mean.
"It's a blog from a woman that is obsessed with cheese. Yes, bloody cheese. She takes a picture of some bloody cheese or turnips and somehow thinks that it makes an interesting post. Get a load of the second one down. It's fog for christsake. And, just in case you are tempted to copy any of it she has a bloody copyright notice on the site. As if, lady!! As if!
If you stop laughing for a second and refocus you'll see that she has applied for French citizenship. If the police find her blog they'll take one look at it and fire her arse out of the country. There are already enough nutters in France without adding anymore."


How can anyone living in this beautiful place be such a miserable, cantankerous human being?

Maybe he forgot to take his happy pills that morning or something? Pin It
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