January 18, 2009

Photo du Jour

Pre-packaged, ultra-processed Chicken Burgers.
I can't believe people would actually eat these things. And I can't believe that they are sold in France! Pin It


Peter M said...

The grumpy ex-pat would...who do you think buys them? AHAHAAA!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Peter M's comment is sooooooo funny!! :-)

But your right, who would buy them??

Loulou said...

Of course! You are absolutely right!

There must be a market for them...

Dale said...

I do enjoy your cheese expose's so I return occasionally to see if you posted any - you have been rather sedate since the t-shirt episode??
As for your latest critic, I dont know what the guidelines for blogs are - my wife does one that many find interesting about everyday things - I quess its in the eyes of the beholder if to read or not read - I would suspect that the blogger would not think they can please everyone!!

Betty C. said...

I love this photo! I'm surprised you didn't get hassled taking it. My husband tried to take photos at some local supermarket and got accosted by the security agents. I guess you were sufficiently sneaky.

Loulou said...

Glad you enjoy reading about the cheese.

Yes, I was sneaky! :)
I started to take it once, and a few customers came around the corner so I quickly hid my camera. Once they moved on I snapped it. I suspect I would have been yelled at if they had seen me.

Veronica said...

(giggle) Peter's right -- it *is* Snarky Guy who eats those -- see his latest post! Oh no -- you've offended him now.

martha said...

Hi Dale
Welcome back. If I had to chose between you and The Snark, you'd be my date every time.

Loulou said...

Well, offending him wasn't difficult to do!
My point about the Chicken Burgers is that all of the horrible processed food that is so popular in America is now more and more prevalent in France. It is sad!
And it is expensive! 1 little burger is €2.80.
I can buy a kilo of rice or 500g of pasta for about €1 and spend the rest on fresh vegetables and create a healthy meal for several people for €2.80. This isn't food snobbery, it is common sense.

I agree! Dale is a much nicer person.

Dale said...

thanks ladies - I don't know if I really appreciate the comparison but atleast I have 2 fans vs Snark!! Ha!!

keep it up Loulou!

Loulou said...

You're welcome!

martha said...

Dale I think you have more than 2 fans. We missed you. Healthy dissent is always welcome. Bad mannrs are not.