January 31, 2009

Photo du Jour

Love this old stone sink! Pin It


georgiegirl said...

This photo was taken before winter, right?

Loulou said...

No, it was taken about 10 days ago. :)

poppy fields said...

I's like to have a sink like that in my backyard.

martha said...

poppyfields: When I lived in Greece, I did. They're not quite so picturesque when they're all you have. This one is beautiful though.

Loulou - How's the weather now? Do you have electricity?

Laura said...

Ever since I read a story that described a giant stone table in the backyard in a home in Provence, I've been obsessed with the idea of outdoor amenities made of stone. Love this!

Loulou said...

poppy fields
I would too! (If I had a backyard, that is)

We're fine, electricity is on, but it has been pouring all day and looks like it will continue to do so for the next couple of days.
How are things where you are?

Sometimes it seems like everything is made of stone here!

Jackie said...

I would love a recipe for olive cake. Can you dig one up for me? Have you made it? Is it a yeast dough? Jackie

martha said...

Strangely enough we're having rather normal weather for this time of year. Unremittingly grey, that is, with occasional days of sunshine. Temperatures have been in the normal range for us, that is: -2 - -4 - +3.
I took some pictures on Saturday when we had sun. You can see them on my blog: http://radicchiodiaries.blogspot.com

Loulou said...

Yes, here's the one I make:

Great photos!
Last Sunday was lovely and warm but this winter has been the coldest we've experienced in 5 years. Last year was really mild though, so I guess we were due.

Anonymous said...

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