January 29, 2009

Photo du Jour - Un Petit Café

Taken after lunch.

If only un petit café in France were as good as a shot of espresso in Italy. Pin It


Jackie said...

It looks fine to me, and the cheeses! Be still my beating heart! I do not have great cheese opportunities in southeastern mass., but there is a cheese shop in nearby Providence and I intend to print out some of your recommendations and go foraging. Have a wonderful day!

Veronica said...

Some coffee in France is frankly terrible. Tip: Le Petit Moka in Narbonne (place de l'Hotel de Ville) does good coffee. Best coffee in Lézignan is chez Claudine (Le Kingston) -- she does "cappucino" with whipped cream on top, not very authentic but then she is Belgian! Other than that, look for cafés that serve Illy (Italian) coffee -- it's the best!

Eileen said...

Now that you brought it up... what is it with French coffee? I was in the south of France last summer and I never remember the coffee being that bad. I was really disappointed.

Sandy said...

The photo makes it look inviting...

Cathy said...

Hi Loulou - Just stopping by to say "hello." I'm getting very excited about my upcoming trip to France. I'll endure the bad coffee. I just want to be there.

Sophie said...

I have to have that coffee...I even smell it ! Lovely photograph!

Loulou said...

You should definitely check out the cheese shop in Providence. You might find some great ones to bring home and enjoy. Good luck!

Thanks for the recommendations. :)
I do love Illy coffee!

The petit café I've had in France just seems to be lacking in richness and flavor. I think that the espresso in Italy is so much better!


I'm sure that you're getting excited! Tell me again - when do you come over?

Merci! Glad you like it.

Veronica said...

Apparently lots of cafes have espresso machines that come with a contract to supply coffee, so they are tied in to a particular brand. Many of these companies supply Robusta coffee because it's cheaper. Hence the declining quality of French coffee. No Italian would be seen dead drinking Robusta -- it's Arabica all the way!

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way of reliably telling in advance which cafes serve Arabica coffee -- except looking for the Illy logo of course!

Allie said...

Beautiful. I really do love your pictures.

Loulou said...

Ah, so that's why the coffee is so blah! Good to know.
I'll look for Illy and I love Lavazza too.

Thanks! Your comment made me smile. I appreciate it!