January 28, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Galette du Larzac

There is nothing like a good fromage de brebis. Especially a rustic, unpasteurized ewe's milk cheese that comes straight from the farm.

Like this one, Galette du Larzac.

The high pastures of the Aveyron département are home to the Lacaune sheep, a hearty breed that wander the Larzac plateau, grazing on the rich summer grasses and wild herb covered (thyme, rosemary, savory) scrub land. In the middle of the vast, wild landscape sits the co-operative farm that produces this delicious cheese.

Galette du Larzac has a mild, earthy, barnyard aroma. The first of many flavors that struck me when I bit into a piece was a light, citrus-like tanginess. Not at all what I was expecting! That instantly mellowed and rich mushroom and butter flavors took over. Its lovely texture is soft and chewy, and it melts in your mouth.
Another great discovery from a vendor at our local Olonzac market.

Red wine such as a Terrasses du Larzac (under the Coteaux du Languedoc AOC) or Marcillac would match the earthiness of Galette du Larzac. Pin It


martha said...

That cheese looks absolutely scrumptious

Jennifer said...

It was!