January 14, 2009

Photo du Jour - A Peaceful Place to Sit

On the grounds of the Château de Perdiguier. Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Loulou...very restful!!

I meant to say, I love the way you have links to other stories below..especially links with pictures.

Loulou said...

I thought it would be a nice place to sit with a book on a sunny day.

If you like those little pictures at the bottom of the post you can get that widget. Just click on "What is LinkWithin" and add it to your site.
Hot Chocolate Milano sounds amazing! (just read your Twitter!)

Scintilla said...

What a pretty bench ! I'd sit down lightly though...

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Loulou..thanks for that, have added widget now :-)

The hot chocolate was amazing, just a treat for a cold winters day...far to many calories !!

Loulou said...

Yes it does look a bit worn out and fragile, doesn't it?

glad you were able to add it.