January 13, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Brebis de Cocagne

Hold a morsel of this runny fromage de brebis up to your nose and breathe in the warm fragrance of earth and wild mushrooms. Place it on your tongue and savor its alluring, buttery flavor.

Brebis de Cocagne oozes charisma.
It also oozes all over the plate as soon as you cut into it.

Runny, gooey, delicious cheese. Perfect for spreading on bread.

There in no way that Brebis de Cocagne could be mistaken for anything other than sheep's milk cheese - it has that typical round, tangy, brebis character. Though the soft fragrance and texture masks a surprisingly gutsy, rich flavor.
I am smitten.

The region around Albi, in the Tarn is home to the producer of this unpasteurized fromage artisanal. A glass of dry white wine such as a dry Jurançon would be a nice match with Brebis de Cocagne.

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Laura said...

Good god what beautiful cheese! I just discovered your blog through David Lebovitz's site, and may I just say that you are making me very jealous with your title picture! I want to shop for cheese in France!

Jennifer said...

Yes, it's a cheese fest around here most of the time. :)
Do you ever go shopping at the wonderful cheese shops in NY? You are likely to find many of the cheeses that I write about. It isn't France, but it can still taste like France!

spacedlaw said...

Am preparing my FdF post for the month.

Anonymous said...

WOW, this photo made me drool... Can't wait to go back home and pig out on cheeses. I think I miss fresh bread the most though. I can still find lots of French cheeses here in Austin, but at a high price, unfortunately..

Paola Westbeek said...

The cheese sounds fantastic...but look AT that bread!!!! :p


Jennifer said...

Loved that little, melted cheese! And the one with the Gorgonzola and walnuts looks sublime.
Thanks for joining in!

I was shocked by how expensive cheese, not just French cheese, is in America. But a little taste is sometimes all you need. :)

That was a great, super crusty baguette! And even better with the cheese on the baguette.
Happy New Year Paola!