January 26, 2009

Photo du Jour - Moules Frites

Multiple Choice Question:

What do you do when you're on day two of no electricity and the air outside is warmer than it is inside your cold, dark house, and the sun is shining, the skies are bright blue and there is no wind?

A. Sit in your cold, dark house and eat yet another meal of cold ham, cheese and salad?

B. Sit in your cold, dark house, cover yourselves up with blankets and read after eating a lunch of cold ham, cheese and salad?

C. Leave your cold, dark house, drive to the beach and sit outside in the warm sun while you enjoy some moules frites and white wine?

Answer: C

(this was a tough one, I know) Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

oh how tough was that!! :-)

spacedlaw said...

Good choice.
Did your house got damaged in the storm?

mymelange said...

Great choice :) Need. Some. Now.

Jackie said...

I am sitting in chilly Massachusetts and dreaming of your sunny bon fete!

Veronica said...

Yes!! Great choice! You can't beat a good lunch to cheer you up when times are hard :)

Sandy said...

You can't beat moules et frites! Good choice!

croquecamille said...

Is the power out because of the storm? I'm jealous of your warm southern sunshine!

Loulou said...

Not tough at all! :)

It was so nice to sit in the sun.
Our house is fine. No trees down in the village. Some neighbors lost roof tiles.

You should make some! There's a recipe on Chez Loulou.

That is one great thing about the south of France...we get a lot of sunny days. Could do without the windy, stormy ones though!

Cooking was out of the question with no power so we decided that it was a "hardship" lunch. :)

No, you can't! They make a wonderful meal.

Yes, the wind blew down some trees which knocked down the power lines. There are still people north of us without power, 5 days later!