January 1, 2009

Welcoming in the New Year

As the curtains open to reveal a shiny, brand new year, I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon some of the highlights of 2008.

A new kitten. Poor little guy was abandoned at the age of 2 weeks. We took him in, fed him, cared for him, and now he rules our house.

A new American President. Finally, someone I can be proud of after 8 years of embarrassment.

The acceptance of my Demande de Nationalité Française application. I still can't believe it. Somebody pinch me!

A trip to Paris. Four absolutely perfect days in September complete with friends, cheese, Thai food, Korean food, Phở, chocolate and Naughty Paris. My fabulous hosts have since moved to Thailand so we have a new place to visit one of these days.

The Dollar got a bit stronger and the price of fuel dropped. We love having a some extra Euros every month. I can actually buy shoes again.

My first taste of frog's legs and tripe. The former, a welcome taste treat. The latter, not so much.

Another trip to Cognac. How much Chinese food and distilled alcohol tasting can three people fit into three days? Copious amounts, I can tell you.

A new ice cream maker. Hadn't owned one in 5 years and quickly made up for lost churning time. Sour Cherry Frozen Yogurt has got to be the best, most refreshing thing on a hot day, ever.

Smoking was banned in restaurants and cafés in France. My lungs continue to be thankful.

So, I bid adieu to 2008 (I know many would say good riddance!) and bienvenue to 2009! Pin It
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