November 4, 2008

Photos du Jour - Olives

Olives ripening in the sun.

Many of our neighbors have begun harvesting their olives. These two trees sit alone at the edge of a vineyard and aren't looked after.

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martha said...

I am so envious. Your photos make me miss Crete so much. One of the houses I lived in had an olive tree in the courtyard - ena vivaious Kritiko spitiki - and a Cretan friend showed me how to cure them. I notice that you live in Lanqedoc. One of my dreams is to spend winters in Sete. Winters here in Estonia are 'formidable'

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Gorgeous! I have a jar of kalamata olives I'm about to open tonight and use on my homemade Greek pizza!

Allie said...

Since they're not looked after, maybe the owners would let you harvest the olives?

I have some soaking now and I'm excited for when I get to brine them.

Loulou said...

Olive trees are so beautiful. I love their silvery-green leaves.
We live about 1 hour west of Sete. I hope you get to spend your winters there one day!

cassoulet café
We eat a lot of olives, mainly les Lucques but I love kalamatas too.

yes, I could definitely take a few. There are olive trees everywhere here.
I've considered making my own olives but our kitchen is so tiny that I don't know where I would put them! :)