November 26, 2008

Photo du Jour - Persimmon Tree

Behind a tall stone wall in our village stands this persimmon tree, heavy with ripe fruit.
It belongs to our neighbor, an unfriendly man who scowls at me when I say "bonjour" as I walk by. I never bother to ask him if I can pick some of the fruit that he lets fall off the branches and rot on the ground.

Sometimes I wonder if his scowl is permanent. And I wonder how his wife manages to be so souriante* after living with that scowl every day.
Maybe he saves his smiles for her.

*cheerful; always smiling Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Loulou, I wondered what the fruit was, I saw lots of those trees last week.

The Beaver said...


Bypass the husband, go to the wife to ask permission. She may like that :-)

Allie said...

I'd ask the wife. It's a shame to let so much beautiful fruit go to waste instead of making its way into tarts, preserves, fruit bread, dried fruit snacks...

Maybe if they let you have some you can bring something you made from it to them?

jules said...

Ah so that's what a persimmon is. (love the word persimmon - good name for a cat?). We were wondering the other day if it was the same as a physalis but it isn't of course. Incidentally, the other name for a physalis is a cape gooseberry.

Papadesdeux said...

Sure would love me some persimmon puddin'.

My Mélange said...

A most delicious and graceful treat for the eyes and tummy. What will you make of them I wonder. I have never eaten one, so I am intrigued.

Loulou said...

The fruit is such a beautiful color. One can't help but notice them. :)

Bonne idée!

I really should ask her...the next time I see her I will. I'll have to ask around and find out where their house is...

It is a good name for a cat. :)
We were just having a discussion about physalis the other day. A friend didn't know what they were and we were trying to think of another name for them.

Strangely enough, I've never made persimmon pudding. I should definitely go get some and make it.

My Mélange
They are wonderful! As long as they're perfectly ripe. You must try!

Carolyn T at said...

Here we are, all these commenters, trying to help you get some persimmons. My thought - maybe you'll have to buy some and make a dessert or bread with them and give it as a gift to the wife. Then maybe she would give you carte blanche with the poor tree! And perhaps that might melt the scowl on the husband's face. On the other hand, maybe she doesn't like persimmons at all. It's a mystery you'll have to solve for us!

Loulou said...

Wonderful idea! Thank you for your help.