November 27, 2008

Photo du Jour - Cognac

We're currently tasting our way through the great Cognac houses. Be back Saturday! Pin It


martha said...

Have fun - I'm looking forward to your reports

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Have a great time Loulou...look forward to reading all about your travels. :-)

My Mélange said...

Such a hard life you have :) Somebody's gotta do it!

spacedlaw said...

That is a great way to go through thanksgiving!

David said...

Try to get to some of the lesser known houses. We made the most fantastic discovery some years ago at Maison Guerbé in Juillac-le-coq - beautiful Cognac Grand Champagne and a warm welcome from Jean Guerbé himself. We just happened on it by chance, driving down a beautiful country road. I believe his son now runs the domaine. Well worth the detour - only a short (designated driver) ride from Cognac centre ville!

Betty C. said...

We did that once with some friends and became Cognac fans. I had never even thought of buying the stuff before.

We Are Never Full said...

i am so jealous of your life right now... have fun!

Loulou said...

Thanks! We had four great days that included a lot of gorgeous scenery and amazing Cognac.

Thank you Anne! Look for the trip report this week.

My Mélange
So true...

It was a fabulous way to spend Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the recommendation.
I'll keep the name and we'll visit the next time we go.
We always taste at the smaller producers and found one called Thorin that was fantastic.

I'm not a huge lover of Cognac but my husband is. It is a beautiful area to visit.

We are never full
You wouldn't have been jealous of our long drive home in heavy, unpredicted snow! :)